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Chartered Tax Practitioner



Chartered Tax Practioner (CTIM), Corporate Secretary, HRDF Certified Trainer

B. Sc (Res. Economics) UPM, Master Econs (Financial Econs) UPM, Master of Business Laws UKM, Certificate in Taxation (ITM)

Mr. Kamaludin is a seasoned man in small-medium taxation where he has been indulging in this business spanning for more than 30-years. 

Tax Agent Qualification

Taxation is a very complicated thing to handle. Tax agent/consultant/advisor shall be a person who is licensed under section 153(3)  of the ITA 1967. Therefore, we would like to suggest taxpayers to appoint a qualified tax agent to handle all of their tax matters with LHDN. 

Who Are We?

I am a Chartered Tax Practitioner who is licensed under section 153(3) of the ITA 1967.  We have been doing this business  since 1989, and now we are in the thirtieth year of operation. We handle all types of tax services, viz-a-viz tax compliance and planning, RPGT and tax appeal.

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We have decades of experience helping clients with tax problems. Don’t carry your tax burden alone. Contact us today to get on the road to a solution.

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